June 7


“Easy Business Opportunities” vs. Doing Difficult Things on Purpose

I recently got one of those “make easy money” emails in my inbox. This one had such a dumb subject line, it inspired me to create this post. It read:

“[NEW] AgencyBlitz Allows ANYONE To Start An Agency NOW”

This subject line epitomizes so much of what is wrong with the make-money-online space – but it also illustrates a specific approach that has given me an advantage for many years.

Do Difficult Things

Today’s content is primarily in the video above. The reason this video is more than just a rant is because it ties in with one of my core beliefs about entrepreneurship. I believe in doing difficult things.

Business is a competitive game. I know that other businesses are run by people. Humans, with all their biases, whims and weaknesses. And that means I can outperform competing businesses by outperforming competing humans.

Doing difficult things is, in short, a business advantage because most people would rather not do difficult things. Because as humans, we are comfort seeking.

And so, every time I do something that’s both difficult and valuable for my business, I know I’m gaining ground on my competition.

I hope this is interesting food for thought, for you.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!


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